Pumpkin Risotto


Is there anything better than delicious food and good wine with friends and family? I certainly don’t think there is! We couldn’t be more excited to host my three siblings, their significant others and my parents for the Thanksgiving feast next week. My oldest brother arrives from Wisconsin tomorrow evening and for the first time in too long, we will all be together for a full week of mistletoe hunting at my parents farm, long conversations over too much coffee, late night puzzles and all the laughter we can cram in.

Hosting a Friendsgiving last year gave us the confidence we need to step up and host the “real deal” this year. As soon as I started menu planning I knew I wanted to include the mouth watering dish that our friends Bryce and Matt (you may remember them from this amazing Easter brunch) brought last year. I begged Bryce to teach me his secrets and even convinced him to let me take pictures and share his recipe on the blog (Bryce, you’re a dear)! Continue reading

Currently Craving: cowhide rug

I have been obsessing over sheepskin and cowhide rugs ever since we honeymooned in Iceland two years ago. Most of the shops had sheepskins and caribou pelts for sale and I fell in love the organic shapes and the rich textures. At the time I wasn’t convinced that I would find any use for a caribou pelt in my real life and Daniel was already nervous about how much Scotch (we did the first part of our honeymoon in Scotland) we were trying to smuggle back into the US, so he was able to convince me not to bring one home. Of course now, two years later, I am absolutely kicking myself for listening to his logical reasons.


Cowhides and sheepskins are heavily featured in Nordic decor, a style I find myself increasingly attracted to. I love how the organic shapes and markings lend such a soft touch to a style that is characterized by generally clean lines. If you have been following me on Instagram you know that we recently added a sheepskin runner to our guest room. I’m obsessed with the way it adds some warmth against the gloss of the black floors.

Due to the small and sort of funky shape of Dan’s study, we have decided to get a cowhide for the room and there are a few other places in our home I am tempted to add one. Since I am not sure when I will actually get my hands on one of these lovely things, a “Currently Craving” post will have to do for now. Continue reading

The Bee’s Knee’s


I spent last weekend sipping what I have dubbed my “seasonal transition cocktail” while I pulled out a few of my favorite fall home accents. I only recently had my first Bee’s Knee’s and I can’t believe I have gone without this drink my whole life. Lemon has been my flavor of the summer and thanks to a new source for local honey, I’m pretty sure that honey will end up with a staring role this fall. Continue reading

Currently Craving: metal bed

metal bed 1

Daniel and I get to host my side of the family for Thanksgiving this year and I couldn’t be more excited! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and it feels so incredibly “adult” to get to host my parents, siblings and their spouses in our home. I have already started a mental check list of the things that I would like to finish or do in our home before everyone arrives and a few final touches to our guest room, like a proper bed, are at the very top of the list. Continue reading

About Figgin’ Thyme

imageAfter my Rosemary Gin Fizz turned out so well, I began scouring the internet for more cocktails inspired by our herb garden. That is when I stumbled across this figgin’ beautiful cocktail and became a woman obsessed. With thyme to spare, all I needed was a handful of ripe figs. Much to my frustration, figs are apparently one of the few things that you can’t get out of season no matter where you look. I must have called Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods every other weekend until I finally heard the beautiful news- “yes crazy lady, we have fresh figs.”

After all the anticipation I had built up around this cocktail (ask anyone, I talked about this drink way too much) when the moment to take that first sip finally came, I was nervous. I was afraid it was going to be as disappointing as the time I made the Charleston Pink Lady, or that it would lack that wow factor I had built up in my mind, but I couldn’t have been more pleased; About Figgin’ Thyme was everything I had hopped it would be and more!
image Continue reading