The Bee’s Knee’s


I spent last weekend sipping what I have dubbed my “seasonal transition cocktail” while I pulled out a few of my favorite fall home accents. I only recently had my first Bee’s Knee’s and I can’t believe I have gone without this drink my whole life. Lemon has been my flavor of the summer and thanks to a new source for local honey, I’m pretty sure that honey will end up with a staring role this fall. Continue reading

Currently Craving: metal bed

metal bed 1

Daniel and I get to host my side of the family for Thanksgiving this year and I couldn’t be more excited! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and it feels so incredibly “adult” to get to host my parents, siblings and their spouses in our home. I have already started a mental check list of the things that I would like to finish or do in our home before everyone arrives and a few final touches to our guest room, like a proper bed, are at the very top of the list. Continue reading

About Figgin’ Thyme

imageAfter my Rosemary Gin Fizz turned out so well, I began scouring the internet for more cocktails inspired by our herb garden. That is when I stumbled across this figgin’ beautiful cocktail and became a woman obsessed. With thyme to spare, all I needed was a handful of ripe figs. Much to my frustration, figs are apparently one of the few things that you can’t get out of season no matter where you look. I must have called Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods every other weekend until I finally heard the beautiful news- “yes crazy lady, we have fresh figs.”

After all the anticipation I had built up around this cocktail (ask anyone, I talked about this drink way too much) when the moment to take that first sip finally came, I was nervous. I was afraid it was going to be as disappointing as the time I made the Charleston Pink Lady, or that it would lack that wow factor I had built up in my mind, but I couldn’t have been more pleased; About Figgin’ Thyme was everything I had hopped it would be and more!
image Continue reading

How to Make a Gallery Wall


From our first house tour, I knew I wanted a gallery wall in the foyer of our new home. It took me over a year to finally get everything selected, framed and hung and I am absolutely loving the sense of accomplishment I feel every time I walk through our front door.

The process of composing a gallery wall that compliments your taste, the space and contains meaningful pieces is a daunting one. While you want a gallery wall to feel unedited and authentic, a few simple tricks and guidelines can help make sure that it still has a cohesive flow. Continue reading

Moscow Mule


For the majority of the year, my go-to beverage is a tall glass of red wine (preferably Spanish with a side of cheese and charcuterie), but around this time every year the rising temperatures inspire a shift in my palate that demands the coldest, most refreshing beverage there is. With this projecting to be the first solid week with temperatures in the 90’s every day, it’s time to dust off the copper mugs and grab a huge bag of fresh limes- it’s Moscow Mule Season. Continue reading

XOXO, Gossip Girl

imageDiane and I have spent a weekend in NYC almost every summer since our paths crossed during a semester in England eight years ago. One of the things that we credit for keeping our long distance friendship alive is our mutual love for Gossip Girl. The scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite inevitably influence our summer trips and this weekend was no exception. Continue reading